OneNote Review

A few years ago when I looked at all the features that OneNote provided and compared it to the features of many other note taking programs, OneNote did not come out on top.  I liked it.  I really did.  It was just missing a feature that others had that I really liked — syncing over multiple computers.  Evernote (and others) had it and OneNote didn’t.

I was so frustrated because I really liked many of the features of OneNote and wanted to use it as my main note taking source.  It organizes information very neatly and intuitively.  It has tagging for using different categories across organization branches.  It has a lightning fast search.  It works well with other Microsoft programs like outlook and internet explorer.  It can link to files, folders, websites or to other notes within the program.  Really, it had everything I would have wanted in a note taking program and more except internet syncing.

I used multiple computers over the course of a day and didn’t want to have to copy all the files on a USB drive every day to transfer.  Believe me, I tried to do that and it gets unwieldy very quickly.  All you have to do is forget the drive one day and then the different copies don’t match and it’s a big mess.  Not only that, but it’s a big hassle to ferry your information between different computers multiple times a day.

Unfortunately, Evernote is much more disorganized and its harder to find most types of stored information, so that didn’t really fill my needs either.  Therefore, a few years ago I basically abandoned all the note taking programs as too impractical for my needs.  I ignored all the note taking software systems until…

…OneNote 2010 came out.  With it came internet syncing!!  I was so happy I got it and put it on my home computer, my laptop, my work computer and my wife’s computer.  I highly recommend getting OneNote.

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